Speaking Proficiency Assessment

A Test of English Communication Skills
in a Face-to-Face Interview Format

“S·P·A is a test that accurately measures the test-taker’s English speaking proficiency needed for effective communication in everyday business.”

Why S·P·A ?

“S·P·A measures objectively and realistically a candidate's English speaking skills-the skills required in today's international business world.”

S·P·A is
REAL Communication,
in REAL Time,
for REAL Global Business.


Measures English speaking proficiency in real global business situations


Provides results in the form of a numerical score in 1-unit increments from 0-96 along with its corresponding level (out of 8 levels total)


Face-to-face interview-based test conducted in real time with evaluators who speak English as their native language


Comprises a 3-step independent scoring system utilizing segmented evaluation criteria

S·P·A (Speaking Proficiency Assessment) is an English speaking proficiency test conducted in a face-to-face interview format, optimized to evaluate English communication skills required for practical global communication.

Partners & Clients

Since 2009, Hyundai Motor Group, Kia, Hyundai Steel, Hyundai Mobis, LS Electric, Daelim, POSCO, and more than 70 other companies have been using S·P·A for hiring talent in specialized fields, performance reviews, and dispatching workers overseas.

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